Rocking your custom sequence in ConvertKit!

I use ConvertKit. That’s for one simple reason: it got me to start sending out emails. (I couldn’t quite get in the groove with MailChimp. So it goes.)

However. ConvertKit is completely built around helping you build their recommended version of a sales funnel. Which is great – if you’re out to build a sales funnel.

But what if you want to make anything else? Simple: you prep your feed. Let me walk you through it.

So this is what you’ll see when you open a new sequence:


Not only do you get recommended titles, but reminders of what content you should include in each email. For someone who wants to write an e-course instead, this could feel so intimidating.

I mean, look at those titles.

  • Introduction content
  • Educational message
  • Soft sell
  • Hard sell

So this is what I make, same format, same base:

Screenshot 2016-08-18 at 4.20.54 PM

So here’s my big fancy trick: delete all the titles and base email content before you start.

Because here’s the same thing as the first screenshot, with the fix:

Screenshot 2016-08-18 at 4.23.33 PM

Just a template, ready to do whatever I want with it.

What I like to do is delete all the titles, then take a break and do something else before going to edit my work. (I usually build the drafts in Google Docs before importing them over.) Since I’m someone who likes to do final editing when I’m in the blog post page/website, this way I’m not getting framed by the original content. Because it’s really easy to remember what was there and still want to match things, especially if you forgot to delete one of the email bases.

And if suddenly losing all the content is too much, just build the simplest outline before you start. (Or Loren ipsum. We’ve all been there.)

Like I’m working on an Instagram sequence (!) right now, so I’d put in the titles as follows:

Screenshot 2016-08-18 at 4.26.22 PM

Nothing fancy,  but now I’ve gone from a Fancy Sales Funnel to something I’m comfortable writing anything in.

What will you write when the sky’s the limit?

P.S. A note: I do not think ConvertKit has a bad idea here, and this is not meant to be a knock on ConvertKit. (After all, I’m still using their product.) It’s that until they build a blank template sequence, this is my quick and dirty workaround.

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