Need thirty minutes, something quick to make your blog shine, or a neat project? Email me with what you’re thinking up and let’s get started!

Mini Session – $75
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Let’s figure out exactly what you need to skyrocket your goals. We’ll take thirty minutes over the phone, on Hangouts/Skype, or at my office in Seattle and brainstorm.

I Check Out Your Instagram – $99
Ready to rock your feed?

You went to my Instagram feed and you were all “Dang, I want to shoot like that!”

Send me your IG link and your goals, and I’ll send back:

  • Feedback on your last five images (or images of your choosing)
  • A suggestion kit for the kinds of photos you want to take
  • Recommendations on gear within your budget so you’ll shoot like a pro

Brainstormer – $150 ($425 for three)
Let’s go!

Need some serious one on one time for a single project? Great! In sixty minutes (online or in person in the Seattle metro area), we can:

  • Build your social media schedule
  • Plan your blog calendar
  • Create your media kit
  • Streamline your brand vision


Not seeing what you need? Send me an email with your ideas and let’s plot!