Your Life Isn’t Too Boring to Blog About

I was talking with someone the other day who said their life was too boring to write about. And it made me so sad! This person, who clearly had so much energy to give to their work, so many ideas, felt they were too boring. Because their life was monotony.

Welp. As I’m writing this, I’m on a bus. My feet hurt. I’m mainly excited about my office’s breakfast buffet. I might go to Madison Valley. I might see my friend.

Same story: I walked all over town yesterday in my broken down flip flops while getting cookies, and now my feet hurt. I’m hoping there will be cheesy potatoes at work, because it’s hard to not be motivated when there are cheese and carbs waiting for me. (And there were cheese biscuits. Score!) I’m going to run a taste test on waffles later, and hopefully see a friend.

That’s the after school special way: rewrite the story to be what you need to hear. And it is super effective, because now my story sounds… kind of fun. And I’m sure for writing it my day will be better, because I’m framing it that way.

If that’s not your thing, you need to ask two questions:

  • Why do you think your life is boring?
  • What do you think is interesting enough to blog about?

Because we all know that blogs are curated, but yet we all feel like our story isn’t enough. Where is that coming from?

So first, ask the Five Whys about why you think your life is boring. Then evaluate the answer.

Because your life could actually be boring. If you’re working a 9-5 you hate that leaves you exhausted, and then you plop down with Netflix to escape, maybe you need to escape that monotony. Take a self date once a week, see a movie in theatres. Go to a new place. Break the cycle.

If you feel your life is boring because your special person/persons is/are homebody type people, you can take initiative.

And if you like being a homebody and like your schedule, maybe it’s how you spend your time. My spouse stays home all day; he’s also creating things. That’s how he likes to work. Dude built an RSS reader, hosts projects, all sorts of things. Yet his day to day is a complete monotony because he likes it that way.

If you’re not feeling interesting enough to write about, you haven’t found your angle. Because the act of writing, creating, isn’t something exciting. It’s usually hours at a keyboard with stretch breaks. It’ll be exciting in your mind because you’re having fun, but you’re not at the keyboard while zooming through a jungle on a zip line.

Again I’m writing this on a bus. I’m editing it at work with a warm glass of water with honey and lemon as my company. Thrilling.

In the end, what you’re writing about is what excites and motivates you to write. Whatever’s stopping you is a combination of your concept of what writing is, your self worth, and your environment. And all three together can help you flourish, or stop you from ever putting idea to paper. Fight what you can change, and evaluate what you can’t. And no matter what, don’t say your story isn’t enough. If you say that, it’ll stay that way.

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